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Revolutionize the electrification ecosystem

Nexmu is wired to revolutionize the electrification ecosystem with its advanced and accessible solutions. It is on its path to the zero-carbon emission goal. Nexmu envisions a future of cross-platform integration in the energy transport space that enhances performance of the battery and other components of the powertrain. As a step towards achieving this vision, we have developed a modular platform that is cost-effective and adaptable to diverse use cases.

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BMS : Battery Management System

A complete Battery Management System for Electric Mobility and Energy Storage. It consists of a Hardware, Firmware, Communication module, and Cloud Software with Data Analytics and Intelligence. It is scalable (48V – 960V) and reconfigurable. It is data secure.

Cloud Platform

A complete cloud software platform with advanced SOC/SOH algorithms and data analytics. It optimizes data for range and life extension. It can interface with motor controller data and on-board-charger/ charge controller data for further battery performance optimization with a large data concurrency.

Next Generation Electrode

Nexmu is incorporating Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes (SWCNT) for next-generation electrodes for advanced cell chemistry and battery systems. The unique property of SWCNT makes it an ideal candidate for anodes and cathodes. It delivers superior energy density and power density in next-generation battery electrode configurations.

Our Partners


Innovscape Technology has a vision of facilitating the world's climate change objective of an emission-free future. The company has developed products, and modules for powertrains in electric vehicles and energy storage applications. The company has teams in Bangalore and Silicon Valley.

NoPo Nanotechnologies

The company's vision is to develop materials that enable humanity to be a space-faring species. NoPo’s Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes has shown excellent results for Space grade composites, Water Filtration, and Battery applications. NoPo has won several awards for its innovation. The company has teams in Bangalore and USA

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About Nexmu

NexMu Limited, UK is set up with a mission to facilitate the world's zero-emission objectives. We do this by developing technologies via innovation and smart integration of these into our products. We have integrated our BMS and related products in the electric powertrain into a single cloud-based platform. With smart data analytics with intelligence and superior data concurrency, we get a deep insight to optimize the performance of the entire powertrain. We are commercializing the application of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes (SWCNT) into the next-generation Li-ion battery electrodes with in-situ data monitoring. This will facilitate our products in numerous applications and business verticals. Along with our partners, we bring in unique expertise in augmenting our efforts toward a clean energy future.

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Delivering Road-to-Zero goals
Innovation & smart integration

Next-generation electrodes with Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes
Battery Management system - Scalable and Reconfigurable

Cloud Platform- Interoperability for Range and Life extension

Delivering Road-to-Zero goals
through innovation & smart integration

Next-generation electrodes with Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes
Battery Management system - a platform with interoperability for range and life extension